**The World**

The story of the first Project Kilo game takes place in a Middle Eastern setting. A place with coruption, deserts, and emperors. A land were the sun is always hot and the water is scarce.
Salt is more valuable then gold, and the oasis is where life exists.

In the city of Natherin the Emperor of Lavieth falls ill and the man in line to
become the next emperor is loved by the people. But in reality he is a bloodthirsty evil man, who has plans to start the next great war.

A war prophesied by the oracles of generations past. Where swords of brothers will cross, and the blood will stain the streets of Natherin red. A war to be remembered for thousands of years.

Much of the story takes place in the desert city state of Natherin. And the oasis paradise of Hathur.

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