Here's the teaser story

Your alone. Slumped against the wall on the side of a prison. Your breathing is painful and torn. Your life is ruined. Your legacy, non existent. Your senses, filled with pain.
Tears fill your eyes as memoirs of the past ripple through your mind. Again you see yourself, but far far in ages past. Young and strong and full of ambition. Plans to get rich, women to bed, and memories to make. All of a time long ago in the past.

Your heart burns as you see the love you lost before you. Phantoms manifest and grow as your old summer home seems to sprout from nothing. The face of a child fills your mind eating at your soul. It looks out to you lovingly but vanishes as you reach to hold it close. It's gone. All of your cell is still and quiet.
Beady tears drip down your chin when you fall to your knees, and weep.

Your time is gone. You've missed you chance.

Your legs give way and your head smashes into the hard stone floor. Your life is over. Your heart stops and you grow cold and stiff. Your body lays there old and beaten, and forgotten forever.

But... what if you could change that?

What if you could go back and right the wrongs of your past? What if you could do things differently? How would you do it? And mostly what if you got that chance?

Would you take it?