Welcome to Project Kilo

Your probably thinking, "So what is this, what is it for, and why".

What this is, is hopefully a movement to create RPG games that Linux users would be proud of. Games that would have Windows users drooling, instead of the other way around.

As for why, well let me ask you a question first.
Are you an avid Linux user?

If your answer was no then this project probably wouldn't
interest you much. But if you answer was yes then
listen close.

Have you ever been looking for some really good Linux RPG games, and found only a select few that sparked your interest? Are you looking for commercial grade open source RPG games for your Linux box, but all you find is commercial games like nwn?

Well Project Kilo is set to change all that. Because we know whats keeping you with one arm on Linux and the other on Windows.

Window's near dominance over almost all games has you crippled.

Well what if there was a game on Linux that even made Windows users drool?
That's what's trying to be accomplished, killer RPG games for Linux.
Games that make you proud to have Linux. Cause here at Project Kilo we know how important this issue is in the addoption of Linux. Cause like is said on the project page.

Sony has Final Fantasy. Xbox has Fable. Nintendo has Zelda.
And Windows has near everything else.
But what does Linux have?