May 22, 11:28 PM

Finally the new and improved site is up and running. The whole site was created by me, so tell me how you think of it in the forums. I would really like to hear any kind of feed back.
There hasn't been to much new. I'm still messing around with the various engines available. CrystalSpace seems like a pretty good choice so far, as most programmers I talk to program in Python and CrystalSpace has CelStart. Which would enable us to use Python the whole way without sacrificing too much.
As for Ogre3d I like it a lot. A lot. It's just right now I'm looking for something alot more integrated. Ogre3d is just the graphics part of the equation. And I think it would take too much longer to evaluate the other software I would need. But It's still by far a contender, especially something that can pump out that much eyecandy.
And on a last note I really need somebody that can program to help get this project up and running. I don't just expect someone will show up riding a white stallion with 'super coder' stitched to his chest,.... but it would be nice. lol. I will continue whether I get a Lead Programmer or not.
There are other positions available that I would like filled in also. If you know programing no matter how little you can help. That's what the Trainee position is available for, you beginner programmers could then use this project as a learning experience. If I can't get a Lead Programmer then I would like to get some people that could help me try some engines out and get this show on the road.


May 8, 1200AM


Hello and welcome to the Project Kilo website. Not much news to talk about as you can find most new news in the forum or the about section. Just wanted to say the site is up!